Food Book Fair launched in 2012 as the first event of its kind: part festival, part conference, set at the intersection of food culture and food systems.

Dubbed the "Coachella of writing about eating," "a voracious reader's dream," and "food geek heaven," our event remains ceaselessly inspired by food media — books, of course, but also magazines, television, film and radio.

We're the only place in the world for #Foodieodicals — our festival-within-the-festival starring magazines and makers from Mexico City, Tokyo, Los Angeles and beyond — and our panel discussions are known for unpacking hot topics from immigrant cuisine to queer food culture. Our dynamic programming also includes film screenings, dinners, cooking demos and much more. We're nerdy, yet cool; forward-thinking, yet historically aware. We're Food Book Fair. 





Food Book Fair began as the thesis-project-that-could of founder Elizabeth Thacker Jones during her time in New York University's Food Studies program. 

Now it's lead by Kimberly Chou and Amanda Dell, and supported by a roster of eaters, readers, drinkers, thinkers and overall jills (and jacks) of all trades who get things done.

A reformed journalist, Kim worked at The Wall Street Journal and MSN before turning to a professional life in and around food. Amanda is a native New Yorker with over a decade of high-end hospitality, public relations/marketing and event experience. 

Together they run Food Book Fair as well as consult on other creative projects in food. Want to know more? Email us at info@foodbookfair.com.

Photo by Mackenzie Anne Smith

Photo by Mackenzie Anne Smith