Our weekend days at Food Book Fair offer something for everyone: Guest chef meals, thought-provoking workshops and salon sessions, book signings, and our signature Foodieodicals zine fest.

"Tartine All Day" Breakfast with Liz Prueitt x April Bloomfield
9am - 11am | John Dory Oyster Bar

Celebrate "Tartine All Day: Modern Recipes for the Home Cook" with breakfast inspired by the book, co-hosted and co-cheffed by two of the bombest bosses we know: chef-author and Tartine godmother Elisabeth Prueitt and chef-author and our Ace host-with-the-most April Bloomfield. Speaking of the bombe: The chefs will be joined in conversation by Kerry Diamond, co-founder of Cherry Bombe magazine.

Menu to be announced.

A copy of "Tartine All Day" is included with each ticket.

Morning Workshop: Identity Cooking with Michael W. Twitty
10am - 11:30am | Loft Suite

What happens when the recipe cards aren't there? Michael W. Twitty leads this discussion-based workshop on how to connect with ancestral cuisine(s) despite genealogical, familial, linguistic and other barriers.

Twitty will share guidelines, talking points and tips for navigating this particular journey of food and identity, drawing on his own work and experience as the award-winning blogger behind Afroculinaria and author of the forthcoming "The Cooking Gene."

"This is heritage cooking and identity cooking at work here," he says. "People want to know where they come from. This is for those who have a smattering of everything but feel they have a whole lot of nothing but want it all, the whole story. This is how to recapture your culinary past despite the brick walls, bad cooks, dead relatives and lapsed interest, and maybe even pass it on to future generations."

Pre-orders for "The Cooking Gene" and author meet-and-greet takes place immediately after, 11:30am - 12pm | Kitchen Arts & Letters in the Ace Hotel Lobby

Morning Salon: Riverhead Table with Katie Kitamura and Emma Straub
10am - 11:30am | Board Room

Come meet, greet, and eat with bestselling novelists Emma Straub and Katie Kitamura at a special FBF edition of Riverhead Table. A publisher of prize-winning fiction, Riverhead Books also regularly invites readers to join its authors over food and drink inspired by their books. We’ll have hors d’oeuvres inspired by Straub’s newest novel "Modern Lovers" and Kitamura’s newest novel "A Separation," recipes you can reproduce at home, and both authors on hand to sign books.

Book signings for "A Separation" and "Modern Lovers" take place immediately after, 11:30am - 12pm | Kitchen Arts & Letters in the Ace Hotel Lobby.

12pm - 4pm | Liberty Hall, Ace Hotel Lobby

Our one-of-a-kind, only-at-Food-Book-Fair, signature independent-magazine-festival-within-the-fair is back! "Foodieodicals" is food + periodicals; it's one of Eater.com's Banned Words of 2014 ("[L]et's not make this a thing," Raphael Brion, September 5, 2014); it's really, truly, far-and-away the overall Food Book Fair fan favorite. 

Now it's twice as good with two days of shopping, swapping and snacking with magazine makers and their wares from around the world, down in Liberty Hall — plus installations and activities taking over the Ace Lobby. Special playlists by Snacky Tunes!

Participating magazines

Cherry Bombe
Chickpea Vegan Quarterly
Crop Stories
Eataly Magazine
Edible Magazine
Food + City
Gather Journal
Hot Fridge
Jarry Mag
Put A Egg On It
Table Top
Terre Mag

Join us Saturday in the Ace Hotel Lobby 5-7 PM for an after-party with Put A Egg On It
AND a Sunday afternoon "Peanuts Party" 2-4 PM
featuring Chef Steven Satterfield x Short Stack Editions

Afternoon Salon: Food Beyond Borders
1pm - 2:30pm | Loft Suite

How do you write a recipe when it's never been written down? How do you explain, in words, how to make rice when it was taught to you nonverbally, gesturally? How does food translate, beyond language, when the person who makes the food finds themselves on the other side of the world, voluntarily or involuntarily? This salon explores challenges and transcendence with folks cooking, making and writing in multiple diasporas. Join us for this roundtable conversation featuring White Moustache co-founder Homa Dashtaki, Chakriya Un of the Cambodian pop-up Kreung and cookbook editor Jenn Sit, moderated by "Cooking Solo" author Klancy Miller.

Literaryswag Book Club x Food Book Fair presents,
Have You Eaten Today?: On James Baldwin, Food, and Self-care
1pm - 3pm | Board Room

From Literaryswag founder Yahdon Israel:

There's a scene in Spike Lee's 1992 biopic Malcolm X that depicts Betty Shabazz asking Malcolm a question: "Do you know what Sister Harriet Tubman did between taking souls to the Promised Land?" "I don't know," Malcolm answered. "She ate."

It was a subtle scene about the importance of self-care. In this context, eating, like freedom fighting, is a radical act of resistance. That for all the emotional, spiritual and intellectual energy exhausted to fight for change, we must be reminded of our bodies. That we have them. That they are real. And that we need to take care of them. We need to feed them. Not only with knowledge. But with food. With this in mind, it's come of great interest to me that there are no images (if any) of James Baldwin eating. This could be a sign of the times. Meals are by and large considered to be a very intimate affair and photographing those moments can violate those private moments. But if you read his essays, some of his most poignant conversations and important events happen at the dinner table.

Join the Literaryswag Book Club and honored guest Jessica B. Harris as we talk about the importance of food in Baldwin's life. To ask someone if they've eaten is expression of care, love and intimacy. When we consider how much food for thought that Baldwin has given us, this event is a way of giving thought to how food made him a better writer, better thinker, and human being.

Presented by Scribner. A copy of Dr. Harris's new book, "My Soul Looks Back," is included with every ticket. Discounted rate for members of Literaryswag Book Club. For more on the club, click here.

Refreshments lovingly provided by Harvest & Revel

Afternoon Salon: New York City Markets: Past, Present, and Future
3pm - 4pm | Board Room

This roundtable discussion will explore the history of urban marketplaces and their adaptation to meet the needs of changing communities as well as evolving trends in how we shop in urban, suburban and exurban centers. 

Speakers include author Michael Ruhlman, Doria Santlofer representing "Food City: Four Centuries of Food Making in New York", Rohan Mehra, co-founder of the Prusik Group, creators of The Market Line, and Anne Saxelby, founder and co-owner, Saxelby Cheesemongers. Moderated by Taylor Erkkinen, Owner, Brooklyn Kitchen.

A copy of Michael Ruhlman’s latest book "Grocery" is included with each ticket. Book signing for "Grocery" takes place immediately after, 4pm - 4:30pm | Kitchen Arts & Letters in the Ace Hotel Lobby.

Cocktail Hour Conversation with Alex Raij & Friends
5pm - 6:30pm | Loft Suite

Chef and author Alex Raij hosts a spirited conversation about Jewish food around the world with Jewish Food Society founder Naama Shefi and Eli Sussman, chef-owner of Samesa. Drop in for discussion, tapas inspired by "The Basque Book" and her New York Spanish restaurants, and gin and tonics thanks to Monkey 47.

Book signing for "The Basque Book" take place immediately after, 6:30pm - 7pm | | Kitchen Arts & Letters in the Ace Hotel Lobby

The Art of Dinner with Melissa Clark, Melanie Dunea & Friends
7pm - 10pm | Liberty Hall

Melissa Clark (author, “Dinner: Changing the Game”; columnist, The New York Times) and Melanie Dunea (photographer, author, “My Last Supper”) present a multi-sensory, multi-part evening experience at Food Book Fair that explores why dinner is the best time of your day. Food and drink will be interwoven with elements including

- A special reading of "The Hungry Ear" with Kevin Young (director, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture; poetry editor, The New Yorker)
- Interactive gin cocktail bar with Monkey47
- Photographs
- Book signings, a sweet takeaway treat from Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream, and more

On the menu: escarole salad with crispy chickpeas; Turkish lamb chops with sumac, dill and tahini; asparagus polenta with burrata; citrus salad with olives. 

A copy of "Dinner" is included with each ticket.